You Can Now Personalise Your Dior Book Tote In Malaysia

The ABCDior personalization service available in Dior Malaysia boutiques!

Owning a designer handbag can be a significant landmark moment in anyone’s life. How about taking it one notch up and owning a designer handbag personalised with your own name?

That’s exactly what Dior wants to deliver with their ABCDior personalisation service.

The service was introduced in November last year, and now has reached Malaysian shores! For now, the only product that can be personalised is the Dior Book Tote, a statement piece that lends itself well to personal embellishment, whether you choose to go with your name or just your initials or even a word that inspires you.

And if you do decide to get your bags personalised, you’ll be in good company! Check out all the celebs spotted rocking their own personalised Book Totes.

From now till 20th June, experience the ABCDior personalisation service at all Dior Malaysia boutiques.