#MYSUPERFEMALE: Michelle Chuah – Founder of Supermodel Secrets

“The feeling of being independent and able to grow this business by myself is an achievement that I’m really proud of.” – Michelle

Becoming partially blind

Michelle Chuah is a soft-spoken lady who has a burning desire to be someone who makes a difference in society. Looking at her drive and ambition, you’ll never guess that she fights her own private battle every day.

Michelle is partially blind; she only sees the world through her one good eye! When she was 11, she was diagnosed with toxoplasmosis gondii. This is a parasite infection caused by rodents and cats. Despite treatment, the infection grew steadily until she became blind in one eye by the time she was 20.

Beyond the obvious

She had to give up her job in the corporate sector. The only advice a doctor gave her was to find a rich man and get married to him so that she’ll have a bright future! Michelle wasn’t amused. Instead, she decided to give other job prospects a try, including landing a modelling job on Facebook.

“I had to attend an international shoot and a week before, I realised my push-up pads and hair volumising tool were missing. I couldn’t find any shop selling them until I found them online. The catch was that I had to buy a thousand push-up pads and hair tools!

So after the shoot, I set up a blogspot and sold the remaining pieces. That was when I learnt how online business made money. I the decided to start up a site where it was easy for ladies to get their cosmetics.”

Supermodel Secrets

“I’ve personally tried all the products on Supermodel Secrets. The Korean ones are by far the best for Asian skin. I guess these products react better to our skin as a lot of research is done to make them suitable for our skin,” she says.

Just like other entrepreneurs, Michelle has faced her fair share of challenges. In her case, it was her health. The condition of her good eye began to worsen and she was forced to get more rest.

Luckily, she was blessed with dedicated staff who were willing to take on different roles to help her. With this, she was also able to concentrate on the marketing aspect of the business.

The proudest moments in Michelle’s life was her ability to successfully set up her own online business despite her physical disability.

“The feeling of being independent and able to grow this business by myself is an achievement that I’m proud of,” concludes Michelle.

Michelle: “I’ve been using the Dr.ForHair shampoo for the past month and I must say I’m loving it! I normally have loose hair after every shower but this time, I noticed it has reduced. I also love the smell as it lingers all day long.”

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