The FEMALE Team Reveals Why We’re Proud To Be Malaysians

Selamat Hari Merdeka, everyone!

This same day, 59 years ago, we as a nation gained our independence from the British colonization and we must say, if it wasn’t for what our then prime minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman fought for, we won’t be here today. Yes, we’ve been through ups and downs, but nevertheless, this is our home and there are many reasons why we should be thankful for what we have. Here’s why we are #proudtobemalaysians!



“I wasn’t born with a full-fledged patriotism when I was young. I would always question why some things can’t be done in Malaysia compared to other countries, especially as a Muslim country. Years have passed and I have come to realise the beauty of this place. With its culture, food, differences, the complexity of my ethnicity especially as a Malay woman… Malaysia is truly a rough diamond that’s still waiting to be polished and I have hopes that it will. Happy 59th Independence Day, Malaysia! And more years to come!” – Nalisa Alia Amin



“I love the diversity of the people and culture that we have, that’s what makes Malaysia so unique. I hope Malaysia will continue standing with pride of the multi-racial society that we have.” – Alya Zulkernai


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“I’m proud to be a Malaysian because of the love and togetherness we experience especially during festive get-togethers. Not to mention all the food that’s served at the dining table!” – Sarah Hani Jamil



“I’m proud of the fact that we’re willing to not only accept, but embrace, different cultures. (I was a ‘dulang girl’ at my first Malay wedding this year and I felt so special!)” – Arielle Yen



“People think we are not being sensitive to one another when we come up with racist jokes. Truth is, we are so close and we understand each other to the extend nothing is offensive to us. If we don’t understand, we ask. If we find it hilarious, we laugh about it together and if we think something is ridiculous, we just voice out our opinion and done! We are one and nothing can break us. #proudtobeamalaysian.” – Vasenta Selvanayagam


Photography: Nandos

Photography: Nandos

“I LOVE our Malaysian slang especially the use of the world ‘lah’! It’s unique and let’s face it, not many foreigners get it why we even use that word. It’s our signature and I’m proud of it.” – Adele Sagayam


Photography: Chindian Diaries

Photography: Chindian Diaries

“We coined the term ‘Chindians’. It’s a whole new race” – Ilicia Alias



“I once saw an uncle on a leopard-print bike (wearing a matching helmet) with his pet monkeys dressed in kids clothing, riding around town. Nuff said. #onlyinmalaysia” – Joan Kong



“We are so blessed with the best beaches in Malaysia. Any time, I can hop onto my flamingo floatie and visit one.” – Yang Mei Ling




“Honestly, it has to be the public holidays in this country. We celebrate almost everything and anything. Annual leave isn’t even really necessary to be honest.” – Gan Yew Chin



“Everybody who’s been to Malaysia has had only good things to say about our local cuisine and I couldn’t agree more. I’m from Penang, so damn right I’m proud of the food my country has to offer. Here’s to hoping we get recognized more worldwide because of that.” – Tammy Chan


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