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The Goodness Of Aromatherapy

Essential oils have been around for decades and are known for the therapeutic effect they have on a person’s body. CRES, a holistic beauty and health centre, offers various treatments using the purest grade of essential oils in some of its signature treatments.

One of its well-known treatments is the Toucher Hydro Therapy, a deep-cleansing facial that removes impurities from within the skin. It’s suitable for all skin types and at the end of the day after a relaxing session, you’d get a vibrant-looking complexion. This treatment doesn’t just stop there as it comes with the Micro Meridian Aroma Therapy.

The Micro Meridian Aroma Therapy uses the Micro Meridian Infuser that reinforces the effects of aromatherapy on the skin. One out of the three types of pure essential oils is used in this treatment – lavender for relaxation, peppermint to relive pain and tea tree oil to stimulate the immunity of the skin and prevent all forms of discomfort during the process.

This treatment offers many benefits such as:
1. Relieve from headache and migraine
2. Reduce neck pain and neck muscle tightness
3. Improve the quality of sleep, thereby relaxing the body and mind
4. Eliminate tiredness and tension
5. Enhance blood circulation and lymphatic drainage of the neck and head.

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