Win PAYOT products!

10 lucky readers who answer the question correctly will win a PAYOT Techni Liss Set and my PAYOT Braume worth RM629 each!


Wave goodbye to your worries about ageing as PAYOT recently introduced the Techni Liss Set, a collection of luxurious antiageing products that consists of a day cream, a face peel mask and an eye care that are suitable for all skin types.

PAYOT Techni Liss Active Deep Wrinkles Cream (50ml) This anti-ageing cream is rich in hydrating agents and contains Liss Process complex, a formula that mimics skin’s own repair process to correct wrinkles. The combination of these two ingredients plumps up the skin and reduces the length and depth of lines, giving you the soft and supple skin you’ve longed for.

PAYOT Techni Smoothing Peeling Mask (15ml) This exfoliating face mask helps restore skin’s natural radiance and smoothness as it is rich in hydrating agents and contains a high concentration of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs). This creamy mask exfoliates dead skin cells and brightens the skin as well.

PAYOT Techni Regard Smoothing Eye Contour Cream (3ml) This anti-ageing eye treatment is infused with diamond powder and Liss Process complex, giving your eyes the protection it needs. While it reduces signs of fatigue, it also brightens and smoothens the eye contour.

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