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21 lucky readers who answer the question correctly will win three packs of Kinohimitsu Uv-Bright Beauty Drink worth RM95.30 each!



Kinohimitsu UV-Bright is one of the most effective drinks to protect you from harmful UV rays. Unlike conventional sunblocks that requires repeated applications, one bottle of Kinohimitsu UV-Bright is able to give you protection for up to nine hours. So the next time you travel, don’t forget to take a bottle along with you. Rich in grape seed extracts (OPC) and other whitening ingredients, this powerful drink aims to restore your skin’s fairness not only on your face, but your whole body too! Like other Kinohimitsu products, Kinohimitsu UV-Bright doesn’t contain any additives, sugar, preservatives or artificial components.

1. Protect: It immediately gives skin UV protection for up to nine hours!

2. Whiten: It continuously breaks down melanin in the skin and inhibits the formation of new melanin.

3. Anti-ageing: It effectively repairs damaged cells, repels free radicals and restores skin’s vitality and youth.

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