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A Wellness And Beauty Blend

Enzymes are important as they act as a catalyst to speed up chemical reactions in the body, allowing it to convert food into energy and nutrition. However, as we age, enzyme levels in the body will start to deplete and over time, you’ll be more prone to digestive problems, weight gain, blemishes, weak nails and hair loss.

Kinohimitsu Phytox is a drink that’s formulated from multienzymes. Made from 32 types of fruits and 43 different plants and veggies, it’s all you need to get your enzyme levels in your body up again. It takes a year to produce the multienzymes as the fruits and vegetables are carefully selected, cleaned, cut and combined with enzymes, yeast, acetic acid bacteria and lactobacillus that are added in at different stages during the fermentation process. Then, the mixture is preserved at a low temperature to preserve its content of nutrients.

Each box contains 14 sachets and while it works as a fast relief of constipation, it also works as a form of detox and will help your skin become healthier.

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