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26 lucky readers who answer the question correctly will win a CRES treatment voucher worth RM227 each!


Treat yourself to a facial and aromatherapy session courtesy of CRES. The Toucher Hydro Therapy is a basic treatment that uses a special hydrating mask suitable for all skin types, which deep cleanses your pores, removing all forms of impurities and giving your skin a healthy glow.

Together with this treatment is CRES’s Micro Meridian Aromatherapy that utilises nano technology in the Micro Meridian Infuser to enhance the effectiveness of aromatherapy. This treatment improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, which in return helps reduce neck tightness and headaches, giving you a sense of relief.

1. Relieves headache and migraine
2. Reduces neck pain and muscle tightness
3. Improves sleep and relaxes your body and mind
4. Eliminates tiredness and tension
5. Enhances blood circulation and lymphatic drainage of the neck and head.


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