Famous French Macaron Store, Ladurée to open in KL!

Want a taste of Paris’s famous macarons? You don’t have to go that far to take a bite.

Photography: Pinterest

Ladurée, the world’s famous premier seller of macarons is opening up a shop here at Pavilion KL’s Couture Zone (Lvl 3). When we found out about this, immediately our mouth’s watered just thinking about the sweet taste of their famous double-decker macarons!

Photography: Ladurée’s Facebook

Founded in 1862 by a miller, Louis-Ernest Ladurée; this French luxury bakery started of as a simple bakery shop but it was until Ladurée’s grandson, Pierre Desfontaines came up with the brilliant idea of sandwiching a creamy ganache filling between two macaron shells. Thank you for coming up with this sugary goodness!

Photography: okl.scene7.com

Now over a 150 years, they manage to keep producing using the original delicious recipe. No wonder 15,000 of their macarons are sold every single day!

Well, there are no news yet on when they’ll start opening their doors, but you can be sure it won’t be long enough. Follow them on their Facebook to stay updated and be the first in line to taste the delicate meringue treats!


Photography: Pinterest

Ladurée sponsored the pastries in the 2006 movie, Marie Antoinette starring Kristen Dunst and directed by Sofia Coppola.


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