BluInc Media’s CEO Recognised As 1 Of 25 Leaders In The Kindness & Leadership Leading Lights List 2020

Ask anyone what’s a quality every leader should have and many would most likely tell you “strong leadership”. However, let’s all not forget that kindness is an important quality to possess too. The business world is always quick to celebrate leaders of profitable and productive workplaces but kindness is not just a soft characteristic in us humans. Ultimately, it is what drives success.

In a bid to shine the spotlight on the kind leaders amongst us, Asia Square Tower One announced its Kindness & Leadership Leading Lights List in Southeast Asia. And today, we are proud to announce that BluInc Media’s CEO, Datin Azliza Ahmad Tajuddin has been recognised as one of the leaders on the list who inspires creativity and productivity in their workplace!

Datin Azliza joined BluInc Media, the largest magazine publisher in Malaysia, as its Chief Executive Officer in 2004. Today, the company publishes over 17 titles, including Harper’s Bazaar, Her World and of course, FEMALE Magazine. She believes that women’s magazines play a very powerful role as a medium to share empowering stories and highlight difficult subjects, from domestic violence to maternal guilt and mental health.

According to Datin Azliza, kindness is essential for a leader in today’s world because if you sow kindness, then you shall gather care, love and affection in return. “Kindness in the workplace ensures employees feel good; it boosts loyalty and performance. It helps build meaningful relationships, not just with employees but between clients. Once relationships are built, support for each other can last a lifetime,” she shares. “Kindness leads us to humility and forgiveness, and from these, we will never stop learning and growing every single day.”

In the world of business today, kindness is perhaps the most underrated act in leadership, yet the most powerful and profound. As a part of BluInc Media, we at FEMALE are very proud to be under the leadership of Datin Azliza and we send our heartiest congratulations to her for this well-deserved recognition!

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