5 Easy Ways To Use Less Plastic In 2019

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Life in plastic isn’t so fantastic.

In the past year, we’ve seen a huge shift in environmental consciousness. Restaurants, governments, and brands all began to condemn the plastic straw. But why? Apart from being one of the most common and discarded forms of plastic, they’re also difficult to recycle due to their slim size and shape. And what happens next is that millions of these non-biodegradable plastic tubes end up in our oceans in horrifying numbers.

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And while plastic straws are definitely bad, other plastics also pose a threat to the environment. Specifically, single-use plastics– think of all the wrappers, bags, packaging, takeaway containers and other plastic material you only use once and throw away. All this, if not recycled, ends up in overflowing landfills and the oceans as well, where they will not degrade.

Thankfully, Malaysia aims to eliminate single-use plastic by 2030. Until then, we can all do our part and reduce the amount of single-use plastics through a few easy lifestyle swaps.

1. In the bathroom

Your bathroom is a huge source of plastic use, and we’re not just talking about microbeads. Opt to buy shower gel refills instead of new bottles each time. Or better yet: switch to soap bars and shampoo bars. Plastics can be found where you least expect. For example, instead of throwing out your plastic toothbrush every 3 months, opt for a bamboo toothbrush. In the same vein, ditch disposable plastic razors for electric or reusable ones. See more eco-friendly bathroom ideas here!

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