#MYSUPERFEMALE: Sharifah Zamaera – Rapper

We won’t be surprised if you think that Zamaera looks foreign and intimidating, but after meeting and talking to her, let us tell you that the Malay rap star is one of the most soft-hearted celebs that we know.


Sharifah Zamaera, 24

“My role models in life are my parents. I understand it’s a very cliché thing to say but both of them came from very humble beginnings – my mum was born in a small village in Temerloh, Pahang, into a very simple family, and my dad used to take the bus to go to work. I grew up with them and you can bet that they taught me everything about working hard to make a name for myself,” shares Zamaera.

Having first found her passion in singing at the age of two when she went up on stage for the first time for her kindergarten performance, Zamaera recalls how nervous she was the entire time. “I was so happy to hear the songs play but I was so nervous that I started to cry! Furthermore, I couldn’t find my parents in the crowd,” she recalls. “Thankfully, they gave me the chance to do whatever I wanted as I was growing up and also encouraged me to sing since that’s my forte.”

Born in Subang Jaya, Selangor, Zamaera spent five years between the ages of four and nine in Brunei because of her father’s job.

“I went to Taylor’s University to pursue my South Australian Matriculation (SAM) where I studied law, economics and psychology, after which I did two student exchange programmes – one in Italy and the other in Germany. It was so fun and exciting to experience different cultures! Then I started doing small gigs, and managed to gain popularity in the entertainment industry and online. After a year, I decided to fully focus on music,” says Zamaera, who’s currently one of the most sought-after female rappers in Malaysia with an Instagram following of over 46,000 (and counting!).

Her first EP in 2017, Helly Kelly! was a smash hit that we can’t get over – even until now.

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