#MYSUPERFEMALE: Xandria Ooi – Author, TV And Radio Host, Motivational Speaker

How often do we ask the question, ‘Why am I feeling down today?’ instead of drowning ourselves in self-pity? The latter might seem like an easier thing to do to achieve temporary relief, but Xandria Ooi believes that in order to understand happiness, we have to address our unhappiness and overcome every challenge as and when it comes.

xandria ooi

Xandria Ooi, 36

“Happiness is not a state of perfection and not an absence of problems but it lies in how we handle things that come our way and yet still be grateful and find joy even in an uncomfortable situation,” she explains.

Xandria, who started her career hosting television shows in 2005, officially published her first book in 2009 entitled Love, Work and Everything in Between. Since then, she has been a popular figure in the entertainment world because of her column in The Star newspaper and also for hosting gigs on radio.

With the rise of social media, Xandria started to make her debut on Facebook and YouTube three years ago, releasing daily videos that address different challenges people face and how to overcome these problems with a positive perspective.

“People were asking me if I had a book on happiness and I felt that this was a good year to write my second book, to share perspectives and practices that can help us go through difficulties and hurt. Hence the release of Be Happy, Always in August this year with a US publisher,” notes Xandria, who says that she wouldn’t be the person she is today without her mum who has given her resolute support and guidance throughout.

“My mum never instilled any form of fear in me. Instead, she taught me how to do things right by teaching me how to be empathetic towards others. I bullied a kid in kindergarten but instead of being upset, she asked me to think of how I’d feel if I was in the other person’s shoes. The knowledge that I can always be honest with my mum without her ever judging me, paved the way for who I am today,” says Xandria.

Growing up in such an environment also made her learn that no matter which direction she heads towards in life, she doesn’t need to seek external validation to be happy.

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