#MYSUPERFEMALE: Talitha Tan – Singer And Fitness Influencer

It isn’t impossible for anyone to pick up a skill thanks to the advent of digital technology – and that’s how Talitha Tan developed her career as a singer. Born and bred in Kuala Lumpur, she remembers her interest in music unfolded when she watched her cousin take part in a singing competition at the tender age of 10.

talitha tan

Talitha Tan, 23

“Seeing everyone go up on stage and perform made me a little jealous and I had every urge to sing! Upon returning home, I kept singing continuously. This led me to go through YouTube videos and eventually pick up the guitar. In 2011, I thought to myself, if YouTube singers can do it, why can’t I? That’s when I took out a video cam and started posting my videos online,”she says.

It’s been eight years now since Talitha first started to sing and she has already performed on stage multiple times. One of her proudest moments was being the opening act for singer, songwriter and producer, Jeremy Zucker at a concert in Kuala Lumpur. “Honestly, I wasn’t expecting anyone to know me or know my music but when I came on stage, I heard my name being shouted. They even sang along with me!” says the charming songbird with joy.

Talitha, who’ll be releasing a new single next month, says one of the toughest challenges she faces in the industry is the need to please everyone. “I used to seek for people’s approval until I realised that not everyone is going to love you or the things you do and it’s okay if some people don’t approve of what you do,” she shares.

At the same time, Talitha notes that taking constructive criticism positively is important for you to learn and excel in whatever it is that you do. Given the chance, her ultimate hope would be to see Malaysians become more open-minded in all aspects of life so that personal biases and prejudices are removed and judgements about someone or something are not passed around.

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