#MYSUPERFEMALE: Siew Yng Lyn – Chief Innovator at Ruyi International (Oriental Group)

Born into the family that ran the prominent Tai Thong Group of Restaurants, Siew Yng Lyn enjoyed the privileges of having fine food at any time but she also understood the challenges that her parents went through to run the business. “They worked long hours every day and I never intended to be part of the business because I knew how exhausting the F&B line can get,” she recalls.

Siew Yng Lyn

Siew Yng Lyn, 36

After finishing her studies at Garden International School in Kuala Lumpur, Lyn went on to obtain her degree in Visual Culture at the University of Nottingham in the UK in 2001 and later pursued her master’s degree in Film Studies at the University College London in 2005.

Upon graduation, Lyn moved to Germany where she worked as a global content licensor for 10 years before returning to Malaysia in 2015 to join the Oriental Group, a premier Chinese restaurant group in the country. Despite being fresh and new in the F&B industry, in 2015 Lyn took the bold step of setting up Ruyi & Lyn, the first Chinese restaurant with a club ambience that’s pork-free.

“Being a blonde female who just came back from Germany, it did take a lot of adaptation and perseverance to keep the ball going. But I took all the criticisms and speculations with a pinch of salt. Ultimately, it was about standing fi rm for what I believed in and never giving up,” she says.

Last year, Lyn and her team expanded the business by tapping into the Australian market after opening a fine dining Chinese restaurant called Yu Kitchen in Melbourne, Australia, featuring Michelin chef, Kentaro Chen. Not long after that she came back to Kuala Lumpur to launch Yu, her second pork-free Chinese eatery at The Gardens Mall.

This energetic and industrious lady will be introducing yet another restaurant called Calia, an Australian franchise, in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur this December. “I believe that every female is a SuperFEMALE. Based on the bold steps I’ve taken in life, I hope that the next generation of women will be brave, kind, fi erce and independent. When I get the chance, I want to make a difference in society by providing educational and career opportunities to all talents in the food industry,” shares Lyn.

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