#MYSUPERFEMALE: Sharifah Amani – Actress

In Sharifah Amani’s eyes, a SuperFEMALE is someone who is fearless and loud because of the truth that she holds on to, and that’s exactly the way she decides to live her life.

sharifah amani

Sharifah Amani, 33

The actress has always been known for being bold and outspoken, and despite getting multiple backlashes from people since young, Amani has never felt demotivated to strive for what she believes in, which is to do good for others, speak the truth and make her parents proud.

“I’m blessed to be born into a family of artists. I didn’t do well in school but acting is in my DNA since my mum, Fatimah Abu Bakar is a famous actress,” she shares. “At the age of 17, I was fortunate to have met the late Yasmin Ahmad who taught me everything I needed to know about the world of theatre. With all the skills I’ve learnt from this industry, I can’t be sitting around, waiting for things to happen. I want to be the change and something needs to be done so that our film industry doesn’t die.”

One of Amani’s latest releases was an action film called Motif, where she played the role of a police officer, Dewi, alongside Datuk Rosyam Nor. As much as acting with experienced actor Rosyam was a dream come true for her, Amani hopes that next year, something bigger will materialise.

“I hope to get everything I need in place to be able to shoot my first feature film. I’ve done short films and they travelled to Singapore and Japan, and I don’t want to hide anymore,” she says. “Part of being in this industry is to highlight issues to the public and I want to bring out the truth of what’s happening in our entertainment industry. Those involved in the arts industry have been struggling from the late (Tan Sri) P. Ramlee’s time until now to make ends meet. Our young talents are leaving the country to make ends meet elsewhere. Someone needs to step up to make a difference and that’s next on my to-do list.”

Amani’s confident that this feature film will create an impact and make her parents proud of her. Although she knows that it won’t happen overnight, she hopes that the next generation will be able to see and experience a change in the future.

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