#MYSUPERFEMALE: Sarah Lian – Actress, TV Personality And Co-Founder Of Supparetreat

“Ten years ago, I was this rowdy girl that was trying to prove myself to the world just like most 20-year-olds, but today I’ve given up on that and accepted the fact that if something is meant for you, it will happen. If not, it won’t,” shares Sarah Lian.

sarah lian

Sarah Lian, 36

Growing up, this multi-talented star spent her years moving around from the US to Hong Kong and finally Canada when she was eight years old. During her second year of university, she decided to return to Malaysia to learn about her roots and get an internship to better understand the job market.

“I first worked as an intern at a local TV station in Malaysia and upon graduating in the UK, I realised that I was quite attracted to the entertainment industry,” she says. “That’s when I came back to Malaysia and decided to try to piece things together.”

Thanks to her good looks, the entertainment and modelling world took notice of Sarah and it wasn’t long before she starred in commercials and graced the glossies including being on the cover of FHM Malaysia and named The Most Wanted Woman by the magazine in 2008.

“While thinking of longevity in this career, I recognised a gap in the market when it came to talent management and thought it would be great to help others. That’s when we founded Suppagood, a talent management agency,” explains Sarah. Suppagood, which is eight years old today, manages about nine women in total.

“The Supparetreat was an idea that we developed after organising an internal retreat. We attended workshops and together we agreed that if women were given a safe space to share ideas and support one another, the power of sisterhood would be unimaginable. So, it made sense to create this experience for others as well,” shares Sarah.

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