#MYSUPERFEMALE: Racheal Kwacz – Child And Family Development Specialist And Women’s Leadership Speaker At Suppagood

Racheal Kwacz admits that she’s not perfect and says that it’s okay to be imperfect. “You’d be surprised by how far you can go in your relationship, career and life after you’ve dealt with your insecurities,” she says.

racheal kwacz

Racheal Kwacz, 35

Being the youngest and only daughter, Racheal spent her days growing up as a happy child but admits that there were expectations from her parents and herself that she had to fulfi l along the way. “I’m a perfectionist but I’m also reserved cos I was afraid that I might off end people for being upfront. I used to find it hard to say ‘no’ to people but today, I’ve found my voice and learnt to say ‘no’ from my gut,” she explains.

That’s also the reason why Racheal works as one of the facilitators at Supparetreat (a retreat that’s organised by a team of women to help foster success in all facets of a woman’s life). “Women are amazing and we’ve all been through our greatest hurt so we wanted them to come out to this safe space we have created, be equipped with tools and feel supported so they can start healing,” she shares.

Racheal, who’s also a child and family development specialist, believes that it’s important for parents to learn how to nurture their children’s creativity to foster mental growth and confidence. She adds that another parenting skill that ought to be focused on is child discipline. “Earlier this year, The Business Insider published a survey among 600 people by YouGov which stated that 81 per cent of Malaysian parents believed in corporal punishment. It didn’t reflect Malaysian parents in general but the percentage shocked me cos it goes to show that there are still people who support corporal punishment,” she says.

Racheal notes that parents who hit their children for misbehaving don’t realise that even a light slap on the face could lead to dire consequences such as psychological problems. “Many parents do it out of love, sometimes also because they don’t know any better or feel completely overwhelmed but it has a devastating long-term effect on the child,” she states. “To help, I teach parents different ways they can approach their children through the ‘Racheal Method’, which is to walk them through a respectful parenting method that builds connection first before correction.”

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