#MYSUPERFEMALE: Nor Raeesa Syahirah – Founder of Orkid Cosmetics

Nor Raeesa Syahirah believes that it doesn’t take an extraordinary person to be an entrepreneur in today’s world. All it requires is a solid audience on social media and you’re good to go!

nor raeesa syahirah

Nor Raeesa Syahirah, 29

Her interest in business developed when she was very young. At 10, she wanted to make extra money to buy a telescope and knew that she had to earn it the hard way, so she sold snacks to her classmates and got enough money to buy the optical instrument she had wanted.

“I was an active kid in school. I took part in various sports and games and through these activities, which involved not only physical and mental strength but teamwork too, so I learnt to never give up and that practice makes perfect,” explains Raeesa. Over the past decade, she had set up several businesses and with the fall of every start-up, she gained a new skill that brought her to the next level.

Today, Raessa isn’t only the founder of Orkid Cosmetics, a halal beauty brand, but she also owns a digital branding and marketing agency called Revolt which has been around since 2013 and aims to provide creative solutions for start-ups.

“There’s a huge demand for halal products around the world and I want to tap into that market. I want my customers to have the privilege of trying on safe and nontoxic beauty products, which is why I started Orkid Cosmetics. At the moment, the number of products we sell are very limited but in time to come, we’ll increase the variety based on demand. At the same time, I love digital marketing (hence the formation of Revolt) and want to do my best to make this business boom too,” she says.

As for Raeesa’s definition of a SuperFEMALE? She’s a person who soldiers on no matter what’s in her way. “A SuperFEMALE is also a woman who gives no excuses and is responsible for her own happiness first. Believe that you can do more than what society expects you to and you’re already a winner!” she exclaims.

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