#MYSUPERFEMALE: Nik Azura – Founder of Nailsmith Spa and Bar

“I believe that if you’re disciplined and hardworking, things will eventually fall into place.” – Nik Azura


About Nik Azura

The idea to start up a nail spa that’s different from other nail parlours came about when Nik Azura – Nikky, she calls herself – and her business partner Jane were having coffee.

Nikky’s initial idea was to have a manicure café with child-friendly amenities that combines beauty and wellness, and over time, the idea evolved.

The cafe concept

Today, Nailsmith Spa & Bar is the first of its kind in the country because of its ‘manicure café’ concept that offers water-permeable polish and organic beauty products. The front of this place is a café, where customers can enjoy a meal as they get their nails done.

As you enter, you’ll see a playroom opposite the manicure area, where ladies can leave their kids while getting their nails done. Further inside is a quiet zone for customers to enjoy some me-time while they get their threading, waxing and body massage done.

Before entering the spa business, Nikky was an assistant manager at the Securities Commission Malaysia. “I started work at the Securities Commission as a graduate management executive,” says Nikky.

Family first

In 2010, this chirpy woman got married and by 2013, she was a mother of four (including a pair of twins). That was when she knew she had no choice but to give up her job to spend more time with her family. Although getting a promotion to assistant manager, she resigned.

“The joy of cooking and taking care of my husband and kids is great but I knew I could contribute more to make a difference to the people around me. That’s when Jane and I sat down to discuss the idea of a Nailsmith Spa & Bar. I didn’t know if we were going to make it, but I believe that if you’re disciplined and hardworking, things will eventually fall into place,” says Nikky.

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