#MYSUPERFEMALE: Didie Nasir’s Personal Battle Against Depression

On Didie: ‘Candice’ Coat, Thavia. Geometric Earring, Thomas Sabo. Necklace, Wanderlust + Co. Ring, Bremen Wong Millinery


She suffered from depression when she had no choice but to give up her fashion business

“It all started when I went through a heart-break after having to give up everything, when I faced staff problems and found it hard to find the right team that I could work together with to take my previous business to the next level.”

She tried her best to appear normal in front of everyone but deep inside, she suffered tremendously

“It was a very dark period in my life; I was trying to find myself but kept the anger and hurt inside me. Every time I left the house, I’d portray my happy side as I wanted to be positive to others. But deep down I was dying and the only one who knew about it was my husband.”

She overcame it when she had something else to focus her attention on

“Knowing that I needed more than just fresh air, my husband Yassif Nagim Mustafa took me on a trip to New York where I got the idea to set up my cosmetics line. I realised there were many artisan cosmetic brands that weren’t available in Malaysia and Kylie [Jenner]’s range gave me the inspiration to start something new. Upon returning, I was ready to seek medical help as I didn’t overcome my depression but my body somehow started to go against it because I had something new to focus my attention and energy on.”

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Credits: Photography Raisa Azzam Styling Amalina Anuar Assisted by Rachel Dulis Art Direction Stephanie Liaw Makeup Ling Chong Hair Ckay Liow

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