#MYSUPERFEMALE: 3 Reasons Jenn Low Is A Hustler In The Fashion Industry

On Jenn: ‘Naomi Slip Dress, Thavia. Suede Jacket, Brian Khoo. Accessories, Wanderlust + Co


She aimed high and went all out for what she wanted to achieve

“Upon graduating in Australia, I interned for Deloitte and told myself that there was no way I was going to do this for the rest of my life. I also realised there was a market for luxe yet affordable designer accessory brands for millennial girls in Malaysia. I wanted to know how certain assortments worked and so I embarked on a journey as a merchandiser at an Australian company, which had 88 stores and hundreds and thousands of SKUs in 2009.”

Everything needs to be perfect before it reaches others

“I secured the domain name for my website a year before Wanderlust + Co was officially launched because I wanted to make sure that it was 100 per cent perfect!”

She knows the importance of prioritising

“With a high-demand business at hand and a family to juggle, prioritising is what you need to master to be able to split yourself well among the various tasks that you need to accomplish. But at the same time, have fun in whatever you do and surround yourself with people who sing your song. The energy and talent are important.”

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Credits: Photography Raisa Azzam Styling Amalina Anuar Assisted by Rachel Dulis Art Direction Stephanie Liaw Makeup Ling Chong Hair Ckay Liow

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