#MYSUPERFEMALE: 3 Reasons Andrea Ong Is Someone We’ll Never Forget

On Andrea: Metallic Fringe Jacket, Melinda Looi. Trousers, Brian Khoo. Abstract Earring, Bremen Wong Millinery. Metallic Pumps, Cipela


She believes that her past is what made her who she is today

“Coming from a broken home and being constantly surrounded by temptations such as food, men and drugs, I don’t regret the things I’ve been through. My initial idea was to become a marine biologist, but since Mass Communication was booming back in the day, I followed my father’s advice in hopes of being able to make enough money. But despite landing a high-paying job in an oil and gas company, I hated my life and became depressed.”

She admits that it’s important for everyone to come out of their comfort zone

“It wasn’t until I woke up one day when I was 23 and asked myself, ‘If I was 29 now and looked back, would I be proud of what I’ve achieved if I continued doing what I’m doing? My answer was NO and at that time, my dream was to have a Victoria’s Secret model’s body, so I went all out and got into fitness and that’s how I eventually became a personal trainer until I decided to take up microblading after stumbling upon an eyebrow master’s page on Instagram.”

No money, no problem! She’ll go out and learn what she is hungry for

“I didn’t have the money to fly all the way the US so I subscribed to different YouTube videos, watched them countless times and mastered the art of microblading on my own. That’s how I managed to set up Browserie, a brow-shaping hub.”

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Credits: Photography Raisa Azzam Styling Amalina Anuar Assisted by Rachel Dulis Art Direction Stephanie Liaw Makeup Ling Chong Hair Ckay Liow

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