#MYSUPERFEMALE: Maynicca Devi Rajamanikam – Founder Of Miss Amazing Malaysia

Sophia Loren once said that beauty is about how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It isn’t something physical. As much as we agree with Sophia, we understand how as women, there are times in life when we wish we could be a part of a beauty pageant just to boost our ego a little. Being surrounded by differently-abled friends, Maynicca Devi Rajamanikam is no stranger to such a topic.


Maynicca Devi Rajamanikam, 37

To everyone’s surprise, she decided to hold Malaysia’s first differently-abled pageant called Miss Amazing Malaysia last year. “Organising the pageant has been the most satisfying job I’ve taken on so far. Believe it or not, I took up this challenge to make a difference in the lives of those who are differently-abled with RM0 in my bank account. I sold the idea to various beauty and fashion brands and in the end, it was a success,” she explains.

Working together with six people, Maynicca and her team started the audition rounds in October last year and the participants were divided into two categories – differently-born (those who suffer from Treacher Collins syndrome, albinism, psoriatic arthritis, etc) and intellectually-challenged participants.

After training the contestants for six months, the grand finale was held in March this year. “When I saw the girls walk in, I started to tear. To be able to see this competition take place was a huge success to me,” she says. “Each girl was given a sash, flowers and crown. All of them were winners on that day and that’s exactly how I wanted them to feel – the equal chance to experience what being part of a beauty pageant feels like.”

While Maynicca hopes to get enough funds to make the pageant an annual affair, she’s currently working on officially launching her academy by the end of this year. “It will be called the Amazing People Academy where differently-abled people who want to be models will be groomed and trained. I’ll also work together with fashion and beauty brands and get them to engage these girls for their future campaigns,” she says. “Of course, let’s be practical, I also need money to run the academy and take it to greater heights, hence it will be a profitable organisation.”

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