#MYSUPERFEMALE: Leong Mun Yee – National Diver

Originating from Ipoh, Perak, Leong Mun Yee developed her interest in diving at the age of 10 and started training for the sport when she joined the national diving team at Bukit Jalil Sports School in Universiti Putra Malaysia. “I spent most of my time away from my family and hometown from a very young age as I had to undergo training and focus on my studies,” she shares.

leong mun yee

Leong Mun Yee, 34

“Diving is my ultimate passion – I even put my studies on hold cos I had to travel up and down to different places to attend training and competitions. Believe it or not, I only graduated with a bachelor’s degree two years ago. Despite the entire process of juggling my time between training and studying, I decided to pursue my postgraduate and I’m currently doing a master’s degree in Corporate Communications at UPM.”

What keeps Mun Yee going is her desire to realise her dreams and to work towards every goal step by step even if it takes a longer time to achieve them. Her biggest challenge in this profession is having to deal with injuries and maintaining her level of performance despite her age that’s catching up on her.

As much as she used to dislike working out when she was younger as she assumed that sports was meant for men, Mun Yee’s gotten the hang of it and can’t imagine her life without sports. “The key to be able to do anything is to maintain your perseverance, dedication and passion,” she says.

Having taken part in four Olympic games, Mun Yee is determined and confident that she will excel at the Olympics in Tokyo, Japan next year. “I’ve won many medals in almost every competition but I’m not going to give up until I win a medal at the Olympics,” she says with confidence.

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