#MYSUPERFEMALE: Kristy Yong – Director of Ms. Read And D.D Collective

Many people assume that it’s easy for people to develop body confidence overnight, but Kristy Yong can testify that it’s easier said than done. “Body positivity is something that I can personally relate to as I’ve grown up on the heavier side pretty much all my life,” says Kristy. “Being overweight isn’t something that can be easily shaken off.”

Kristy Yong, 37

A little over a year ago, Kristy decided to get fit and has since then been working out five times a week. “The key takeaway from this journey isn’t about the weight on the scale but rather, the internal positivity that is derived and how you end up feeling good about yourself because confi dence is the best outfi t that money can’t buy,” she says.

Born in Malaysia, Kristy left home at 16 to attend school in Australia, after which she went to the University of Melbourne to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Media and Communications. “Although I spent some of my adolescent years abroad, my fondest memories are of those growing up in KL. My mum Helen Read ran a garment manufacturing workshop in Jalan Sungai Besi, Kuala Lumpur, which now produces exclusively for our own brands, Ms. Read and D.D Collective,” she shares.

“Throughout my life, my parents have always encouraged me to explore and pursue my own dreams, which gave me the opportunity to experience different working cultures in Australia, Malaysia and the UK, until I joined the business in 2011.”

Having run the brands for nine years now, Kristy says that the biggest lesson she has learnt is “to always create products and experiences that are inspired by those who use them.” Leading one of the very few ready-to-wear labels for curvy women, Kristy hopes to further empower them through her brand, where they are working in collaboration with MDEC (Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation) and Pavilion KL, in digitally transforming Ms. Read’s flagship store, which will be launched as a ‘New Retail’ store in 2020.

She says, “MDEC has been a strong support through this process – connecting us with the right tech and digital partners and giving us a direct source of relevant guidance along the way through this digital transformation we have embarked on. Once the store is set up, we hope to give back by using it as a storytelling platform to help other homegrown retail brands develop or transform digitally.”

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