#MYSUPERFEMALE: Joanna Soh – Certified Trainer And Nutrition Coach, Producer, Fitness YouTuber And App Creator

It’s rather ironic that Joanna Soh was never really into fitness, saying that she used to be a lazy bum when she was much younger. Her interest in fitness only began to develop when she started to look after herself to become healthier.

joanna soh

Joanna Soh, 30

“When I was in the UK (working and studying), I started to work on myself. I never understood anything about my body, but when I started to understand myself and my body better, that’s when my interest in fitness came in,” she shares. “It was so much fun sharing my journey and content online and finding yourself inspire others while seeing how their bodies transform too.”

Today, Joanna not only owns a production company, but she’s also in the midst of fine-tuning the functions of Fio, a fitness app that she developed in the past one year. “Fio is a Latin word for ‘to become’ and it works as a whole to teach you how to become stronger and healthier and to make you more conscious of your body and mind,” she explains.

Joanna’s definition of a SuperFEMALE is someone who’s constantly finding ways to improve herself to become better in every aspect. However, she doesn’t deny the fact that in the journey of self-discovery, there will be stumbling blocks and all that’s needed to step up to the plate is to remain positive and optimistic.

“Social media is what we spend most of our time on and in order to maintain my positive spirit, I’m aware of the types of content I consume. It’s a conscious decision that I had to make,” says Joanna. “At the same time, I understand that there’s no such thing as a perfect person. There’ll be ups and downs but the trick is to embrace your down days as that’ll help you reset yourself.”

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