#MYSUPERFEMALE: Jane Lau – Content Creator And Social Media Influencer

Contrary to popular belief of a millennial’s character (short attention span, loves to job hop and not into hard work), Jane Lau is living proof that she doesn’t fit the stereotype.

jane lau

Jane Lau, 27

In fact, she thrives on getting her feet wet in different areas. “It isn’t because I’m bored but I don’t want to be stuck in one place. I want to master different skills while I’m still young,” says the beauty who’s popularly known as Jane Chuck.

Jane began to blog when she was 14 years old as an outlet for her to rave and rant about school-related matters. Over time, she started to post makeup tutorials and OOTDs on her blog. “At 17, Nuffnang (a leading influencer and content marketing company in Asia) took me under its wing and introduced me to various brands. That’s when I started to get paid as a content creator and influencer,” she recalls.

Fast forward to today, Jane stands tall as a reputable influencer with 527,000 Instagram followers and counting! When she was 21, Jane learnt the techniques and skills of deejaying, and two years later, opened a cafe called Random Food Store in Petaling Jaya. Not one to rest on her laurels, Jane came up with her own lifestyle brand, Chuck’s, early this year.

“The main aim of Chuck’s is to remind people that they are enough and everyone is special in their own way. For now, you can find items like skincare masks that come with special messages on the packaging such as ‘Self-Love’ and ‘Glow On’. There needs to be a healthy balance between self-love and empathy towards others so that together, we can curb social issues,” says Jane. “After all, a SuperFEMALE in my eyes is someone who’s comfortable with herself and doesn’t need validation from anyone else.”

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