#MYSUPERFEMALE: Hannah Lo – Women’s Love And Relationship Coach, Writer, Singer And Emcee

Ever felt that when you’re stressed, there are certain people you’d want to talk to (even if it isn’t about the issue that you’re stressing about) that’ll make you feel loved and appreciated? If there’s anyone we’d love to talk to, it’d have to be Hannah Lo as the gentle and loving vibe she exudes is more than enough to make you feel a little more ‘human’ again.

hannah lo

Hannah Lo, 35

Despite being sought-after in the entertainment industry, Hannah took a step back in 2015 when she made the decision to put her personal well-being above her career.

After learning about her body, relationships and understanding herself better, she decided to share her knowledge with other women, launching her website, hannahpatricia.com to extend her reach. Having travelled to Egypt, India and the US, Hannah gained experience on how to heal herself through the spiritual studies that she acquired on her journey.

“I believe that every woman has a SuperFEMALE within her. It emerges when she begins to trust herself and stops looking outside for the answers,” says Hannah. “When life tests her, she sees it as an opportunity to grow. When she’s no longer influenced by what’s popular or socially acceptable, she’s guided by her own values and beliefs.”

Hannah, who first started her role as a women’s wellness advocate in 2017 when she hosted an 11-day women’s wellness event together with KL Gateway Mall, notes that if given the chance, she’d love to see a change in the education system in Malaysia.

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