#MYSUPERFEMALE: Cassey Gan – Fashion Designer

Cassey Gan is proud to say that her passion for fashion blossomed when she interned with us at FEMALE! Prior to that, she has always had a keen interest in art and used to enjoy making handicraft when she was in school.

cassey gan

Cassey Gan, 36

“I’m very interested in using my hands to come up with things. I was very attracted to abstract stuff and colours made me get more interested in things,” shares Cassey. “I grew up with the mentality that it’s impossible to earn money via arts. So I actually pursued my bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering and upon completing it, I realised that I really didn’t have any passion to become an engineer.”

That’s when Cassey told her parents that she wanted to explore a different career option, which led her to land an internship at FEMALE. “Loaning and returning clothes for shoots already sparked joy in me,” she recalls. “After that internship, I decided to continue working in a publication to gain more experience. After a couple of years working in the fashion industry, I moved to London to pursue a degree in fashion.”

Unfortunately, in the final year of her studies, the post-study work visa was revoked, which made it extremely difficult for international students to work in the UK thereafter. Upon returning to KL, Cassey decided to start her own brand.

“I started out working from home, where design and production happened in my bedroom. I then joined a tradeshow in Singapore, which was really the starting point for my brand. Over time, with great support from family and friends, people started to recognise my brand. Fast forward to today, it has been a good six years!” exclaims Cassey.

“I didn’t start a brand having profit as my main goal. The vision is to empower women through my work. To me, what’s most important is to focus on producing good products and profit will be the by-product of that,” she continues. “Although the fashion industry is facing many challenges, I’m committed to keep growing it with the help of an amazing team. The next one year’s going to be very interesting cos we’re going to explore further in the home and lifestyle arena!”

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