#MYSUPERFEMALE: Amber Chia – Actress, Model, TV Host, Founder Of Amber Chia Academy

The career of most models end when they reach a certain age, but at 38, Amber Chia is still a sought-after model, ruling the runways, gracing the glossies and starring in commercials alongside younger talents.

amber chia

Amber Chia, 38

“I started modelling at 17 and it took me about 20 years to be where I’m today. As Asians (who tend to look younger than their age), we’re blessed because many of us can go far beyond the age of 30 especially in modelling. The entertainment and fashion industries in Malaysia aren’t big but if you have the right attitude, you can be successful,” she says.

One of Amber’s biggest achievements has to be the setting up of Amber Chia Academy in 2010, which is a platform to nurture and groom creative talents from makeup artists to nail artists, hairstylists, photographers and models, among others. “I must have done something right by establishing this academy because over the years, I’ve seen many of my talents gaining international recognition – Amelia Henderson and Sheena Liam to name a few,” she explains.

Despite her unwavering focus at what she does, Amber wants to gradually move away from the spotlight. “My fans can still keep track of what I’m doing via my social media platforms,” she assures, adding that she wants to spend more time with her son, parents and husband. “I’ve been a workaholic all these years and it’s time for me to divide my time equally. Always remember: moral support from those around you and health are the two absolutely important essentials in life that will keep you going and I’m beyond blessed to have both,” she concludes.

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