#MYSUPERFEMALE: Alicia Amin – Model And Actress

Growing up, the one thing that annoyed Alicia Amin the most was when adults gave her vague answers. For instance, every time she asked why something was done a certain way, they would reply, “That’s just the way it is” or “Sorry, but you just have to memorise that.”

alicia amin

Alicia Amin, 24

Alicia says that she was always curious as a child and wanted to know more about a lot of things. This is probably the reason why she was a straight-A student in school and even dreamt of becoming either a doctor, lawyer or vet.

However, when she turned 16 and was scouted for a modelling contest, Alicia started working on smaller gigs and hoped to become independent. She went to Melbourne, Australia, to do a double degree in Psychology and Social Work at RMIT University, but when her parents told her to return to Malaysia because they couldn’t afford to pay for her education, modelling came to the aid again and helped her sustain her lifestyle upon returning.

Alicia acknowledges the fact that models have a very short lifespan, but she’s all set to battle it out and make the best out of her career while she can. “Five months ago, I decided to stay away from social media for a while. This was more of a detox for myself. I’m a sensitive person and comments on social media can be a little too negative for me to deal with,” she explains.

Having faced a lot of issues as a teenager, Alicia remembers feeling emotionally turbulent even as she was growing up. But if she thought that things were amiss here in Malaysia, the way she felt didn’t change even after she went to pursue her studies in Australia.

“That’s when I decided to consult a psychologist and got my first diagnosis for depression,” she shares. “It took me four psychologists before I found the one that suited me and that’s why I miss Australia a lot. They don’t simply push medications to you and expect you to recover. They are transparent with their methods and will encourage you to find another doctor if you feel that their style of therapy isn’t working for you in contrast to Malaysia where society was telling me to simply snap out of self-pity. In my experience, the psychiatrist focuses on medicating with drugs and not so much on behavorial therapy.”

Career-wise, Alicia is determined to act even when she’s over 30, so don’t be surprised to see her in Singaporean horror flick, Ibu, planned for release this month.

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