A Message From The Editor

Here’s a very special issue of FEMALE!

It’s one where we’re putting the focus on not just five, eight or 10 inspiring women like we have with every past series that we’ve run in the last three years, but we’ve got a good mix of truly amazing and moving stories from 45 unique individuals this month – most of whom were nominated by you and handpicked by Team FEMALE to be given the recognition as your new SuperFEMALEs.

Putting it together wasn’t a walk in the park; in fact, it’s easily one of our biggest and most ambitious projects to date. Besides being proud of the result that the team has worked endless hours on to accomplish, I found out exactly why each and every one of these SuperFEMALEs are powerhouses and successful in their own way as I delved deeper into their backstories.

Not only are they ambitious, hardworking and resilient, they’re all equally passionate and committed to their art, industry and cause to champion too. The fact that some of them didn’t have a silver-spoon upbringing didn’t stop them from chasing after their dreams and working harder than their peers who are after the same goals. Although a few of them knew what they’d like to dedicate their life to from a young age, there were those who found their true calling only after dabbling in multiple interests over the years, and others who even hit rock-bottom many times in their lives before resurfacing stronger and more determined than ever.

yang mei ling

To sum it up, here are a few things said by these women when we asked them what their idea of a SuperFEMALE is: a SuperFEMALE is real, unapologetic and unafraid to be herself.

She believes that anything and everything is possible and achievable, so she gives no excuses and is responsible for her own happiness, always striving to work on and be a better version of herself while empowering others along the way. She isn’t afraid of trying new and different approaches, and letting go of expectations when things don’t work out a certain way. She is someone who is honest and at times vulnerable, and isn’t afraid to make mistakes and learn from them. She knows her strengths and her weaknesses, and as easy as it is for girls to come together and talk about one another, she knows that magic happens in her community, her country and the world when women come together to collaborate on their ideas instead.


Yang Mei Ling, Editor