What’s In The Magazine | The July 2018 Issue

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Isn’t it amazing to see how far we’ve come? We’re talking about tech, of course! New cars and gadgets are being rolled out by the minute, all trying to outdo one another in their specs– which makes it more and more difficult to decide on what to splurge on. Lucky for you, we’ve spotted the gems and highlighted them in our Car & Gadget awards! Technology in beauty and fashion can also be a life-changer; read on to see what we mean!

Exclusive: Interview With Dua Lipa We chat with Dua Lipa and reveals how she made it from zero to hero in the entertainment industry. (Did you know her choir teacher once told her she couldn’t sing?)

How To Propose To Your Bridesmaids Wong Shu Wei from Styleper, an online customisable subscription box service, shows us how you can make the whole wedding experience more meaningful for your bridesmaids.

Why You May Need Couples Therapy (Even If You Aren’t Married) The case for couples therapy for unmarried couples: it can future-proof your relationship!


How are you holding up with this year’s beauty resolutions? If you notice your skin’s been looking less than fab lately, top up your vanity with  our picks of hydrating moisturisers — remember water is your skin’s best friend! Then kick your skincare routine into high gear with our pick of the best beauty gizmos!

Thirsty Skin Alert Do you know how to tell dehydration from dryness? IF you have no idea how to tell if your skin’s begging for a little more H20, the signs are right here!

Beauty Spread: We Have Lift-Off! From glittery cheeks to dazzling brows, we pay homage to our favourite genre – sci-fi – by recreating these outstanding cosmic beauty looks!


Have more fun in fashion with puffy sleeves, cool-dad style and metallic gold picks! Dress up your phone to edge up your OOTD and be mesmerised by our gypsy-inspired fashion spreads. And finally, remember to pump up the luxe when you’re loading up on Vitamin Sea as we’ve got glam-ified beach looks to match your seaside style whims.

Fashion Week Alert Go all out and be prepared to flaunt your individual style as Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week is back from 8th – 12th August 2018. Here are some of the things you can expect from our very own Malaysian designers!

The Future Of Fashion From smart fabrics to fashion-forward technology, we share our views on how tech has changed the fashion industry and moved it forward.

Fashion Spread: The Bohemian Wanderer Following the journey of this gypsy princess in the real world, we take a cue from her as she plays by her own rules, experimenting with different styles while still keeping to her Bohemian flair.

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