Cover Story: Triumphant Twins

Growing up in a broken home and forced to quit school at the age of 14 have only made our cover twins, Felicia Tavia and Fyrone Taylor stronger emotionally and independent beyond their years. Today, the models are making a name for themselves in the local fashion scene.

Like many of us who are lucky enough to have grown up in a loving environment at home, it was the complete opposite for twins, Felicia and Fyrone. After their parents got a divorce when they were just seven, staying at either one of their parents’ homes was a ‘living hell’ as described by them. “Our parents argued all the time and their arguments were mainly about us. Both of them wanted custody of us and as a result, we had to switch homes quite often. Our mum was based in Pahang and our dad was based in Kuala Lumpur. So to please both of them, we switched homes regularly, explains Fyrone.

But being born as twins, both of them shared a special bond. “I’d know exactly when my sister was feeling down and go an brighten up her day instantly when she needed it. We were very supportive and encouraging towards each other and confident that we will get out of this situation one day,” shares Felicia.


But they weren’t just looking out for each other as they had a younger sister, Kiro* whom they loved and cared for very much. When the divorce took place, our mother took us back to stay at her place, while our sister stayed with our aunt. But as things weren’t going smoothly, our dad decided to bring us back to KL to live with him after awhile. Little did we know that our dad had an equally challenging time bringing the three of us up as a single father. From where we stand now, we understand why he behaved in certain ways but at that time, it was hard for us to comprehend anything. As we were going through tremendous amount of pressure and couldn’t go on living in that situation, we decided to run away from home. We stayed at our friend’s houses and moved around from one place to another,” shares Fyrone.

As a result of everything that was taking place, they had to sacrifice their education to secure jobs that would give them an income. “It was a blessing in disguise that we looked matured and we managed to secure jobs like distributing flyers, handing out free beauty products and sampling and waitressing. As the saying goes, good things don’t last forever, in 2015, our younger sister took her own life. She always kept to herself and only showed us the strong and positive side of her and that eventually turned into depression. Things got worse when she was going through relationship issues,”explains Fyrone.

That same year, Fyrone took part in the Miss Earth Kuala Lumpur pageant and won! All thanks to her friends who encouraged her to come out from her comfort zone and try something new. Seeing her sister succeed, Felicia decided to start a career in modelling too and that’s how they are where they are today. “We are aware that the modelling industry is extremely demanding and we’re game to try other things out as well. For starters, we know our English is atrocious and that’s why we are in the midst of attending language classes to buck up so that we can expand our careers overseas. We are also part-time DJs and we want to become music composers one day,” shares Fyrone.

“The pain and struggles that we went through have taught us to become stronger mentally. If anything, we’ve learnt that self-love is of prime importance to get to where you want to be,” shares Felicia.




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