FEMALE Beauty Faves: The 18th Century French Makeup Looks At Moschino Fall Winter 2020 Runway

Moschino took over the runway last Thursday night to present their Fall Winter 2020 collection for Milan Fashion Week and it was all about fantasy, fun and a bit of irony. The show sent models dressed in elaborated, non-edible baked goods-like outfits down the runway, with hybridized hoodies, metallic embroidery and rainbow jewel-toned velvets exuding a sense of nostalgia of the 1760s meeting the 1960s.

Packed with frosting-pastels and exaggerated shapes, the sugar-coated farthingales and pannier-waist dresses were paired with over-the-top beauty styles one couldn’t have overlooked. Inspired by the last Queen of France Marie Antoinette, the dramatically sky-high wigs were styled by hairstylist Paul Hanlon using products from ghd and they looked stunningly perfect and historic. Paul says: “Hair looks are characterized by extreme and very high volumes. Together with Jeremy Scott, we took inspiration from the colours of the macarons, making everything a little more punk.”

To create the looks, Paul and the ghd team flattened the models’ hair to create braids adhering to the roots. Then, extensions with roll curler effect were applied to the wigs to make the hair more dramatic and scenographic, resulting in a perfect interpretation of punk and baroque atmosphere.

On the other hand, MAC Cosmetics’ makeup artist Tom Pecheux complemented the hairstyles with equally Parisian-style rosy cheeks and intensified black cat-eye liner that spoke to that century. The models’ cheekbones were heavily accentuated, eyes amplified with hints of pink and peach pastel colours, and jawlines contoured with sharp angles to deliver a strong statement. Think the one-time Queen of France but cosplayed today, or as Jeremy Scott refers to her – Anime Antoinette – stepping out from a flat-screen in 2020 and holding court in Versailles.

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