Women Empowerment Through The Lens of the Samsung Galaxy S20

Earlier in March, Blu Inc Media Sdn Bhd released a short film featuring Jasmine Suraya Chin, Sangeeta Krishnasamy and Sharifah Sakinah, in conjunction with International Women’s Day.

The film relays an important message to women: telling and reminding them that despite the snags that they may face on a daily basis, they are able to deal with whatever setback they’re battling and rise above it all if they work together. As they say, a woman is powerful when she’s alone but together, they make an impact.

It’s no surprise to us that the video received positive response from viewers and many were impressed by the fact that it was captured on a handphone, by Samsung no less. And, Samsung Malaysia happens to be one of our main sponsors!

The multiple shots that were featured in the video were taken using the Samsung Galaxy S20, and thanks to the top-notch features of this smartphone, it was possible to capture the scenes in the most vivid way that any other phone might not have been able to.

Despite having to shoot the videos and pictures in a busy area, the shots that were produced were perfectly sharp and clear, courtesy of the phone’s awesome 64MP camera.

Not only that, with the phone’s single-take feature, we were able to take pictures and videos all at the same time in just one click!

The background shots in the video were maintained in their original glory without much editing needed because this phone is equipped with an 8k pro-grade filing capability feature that made the entire process easier and completely bright and clear.

In most situations, we’d usually have to deal with the challenges of lighting conditions, but this wasn’t the case because the video shooting feature on this phone enabled us to capture every small detail without much fuss. Thanks to the phone’s motion photo mode, only the best shots were captured without having to retake the same shot multiple times.

Apart from the video, we were also able to capture some great images at the photo walls that were placed in several areas in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur from 8th March, using the phone.

These walls were specially set up for the public to take #OOTD shots and they were also able to partake in mini challenges (which you’ll be seeing more of on our IG stories in the next few days) too.

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