Why It’s Not Too Late To Save Yourself From Instagram Jealousy

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Read on to find out five easy ways to practice self-love in this crazy Instagram obsessed world we live in.

Why don’t I drive a Range Rover?“, “Will I ever look that good in a bikini?“, “How much savings do I need before I get to tour Iceland?“, “Why wasn’t I blessed with dimples so that I’ll look cute when I smile?“, “How comfortable would my feet feel in those gorgeous pink Louboutins?

Those questions could all pop into my mind in the span of one minute after scrolling through Instagram. If there was an invisible self-esteem meter at the top of my head that drops a level every time I see a picture that made me jealous, it would’ve already been broken by now.

Truth be told, I’ve lived a life that I’m pretty proud of. I have a family that pampers me, friends that make me laugh and a grounded upbringing that I’m thankful for. With that said, it’s still not easy when you’re bombarded with #wokeuplikethis, #cleaneating, #travelgram and #rkoi images everyday that makes you question your self-worth.

I’ve learnt things the hard way that it’s okay to have flaws and compare my life progress to others as long as it encourages me to strive for the better. Why are we assuming that everyone else is living a picture-perfect life when in reality they probably had to go through 100 pictures before they could select the right one to post on Instagram? I, for one, know that I am guilty of doing that.

We’re all imperfect, so the sooner you realise that, the sooner you’ll be able to pull yourself out of this game of emotional social media roulette.

Five ways to practice self-love:

1. Allow you to be you

Don’t change who you are just because you’re craving for the attention you think the influencers or bloggers are getting. Why not build your own unique brand instead of following another person’s footsteps? Not only will you stand out from the rest, you’ll also be staying true to yourself.

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