Million Dollar Wealth Planner, Kaka Lam Opens Up About Following Her Own Path In Life And Work

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“If you make the right choice, the rest of your life could be the best years of your life.”

In conjunction with International Women’s Day on March 8, we acknowledge, celebrate and honour the powerful and important role that women play in society. Many of them are in the workforce and while some are passionately pursuing their dream careers, others are doing it to put food on the table. But they all have one thing in common, which is to achieve financial stability and a work-life balance.

To find out if this quest is attainable, we talk to Kaka Lam, a wealth planner who’s gone through the daily grind before until she realised it wasn’t giving her what she truly wanted – financial security and time for her family and herself. She strongly believes in the act of helping others and realised that insurance is a very powerful instrument that when utilized correctly, it allows families to have peace of mind in pursuing their own goals.

With her dedication and commitment in insurance for the past 5 years, she has achieved tremendous results such as Million Dollar Wealth Planner, Qualifying Member of Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) for 3 years consecutively with 1 x Court of The Table qualification and Akard Personal Diamond Award Qualifier. Read on below to see how she became the woman she is today:

FEMALE: What made you decide to take control of your life and career?
Kaka Lam: “When I began to believe that everything in your life is nothing more than a reflection of a choice that you’ve made, it was only natural for to me to choose the right path for my life too. You see, I am a mother to a seven-year-old boy; I believe that every mother wants the best for her children’s future but that usually comes with a price and sacrifice. Most people would exchange their precious time for money like when taking a high-income position and spending more time on the job – some even take up second jobs, for the sake of earning more. More often than not, the biggest challenge comes when a person can no longer exchange time for money, possibly due to age, health or other reasons. So this was the ultimate reason why I chose to go into the insurance industry and make it my career. In this line of work, I have full control and ownership in terms of how much I would be able to achieve with the amount of effort I have invested in. Everyone has the right to make their own choices but just remember one thing: if you make the right choice, the rest of your life could be the best years of your life.”

F: What was your process like in finding a career that gave you work-life balance?
KL: “To start, I truly embraced the idea of the Whole Person Concept which means to have a well-rounded, balanced lifestyle. It is the foundation for ongoing happiness, loving family relationship and strong friendships, which would help increase one’s self-confidence, good health, financial security and intellectual fulfilment. I also discovered that being an insurance advisor can provide an array of opportunities for those looking for financial freedom, flexibility and a work-life balance. Knowing that there are a lot of uncertainties in life that could take away an individual’s personal life and dreams for themselves and their families, being in this industry allows me to make those uncertainties disappear, and at the same time, I’m able to help improve other people’s lives through proper financial planning and advice.”

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