Team FEMALE’s Most Tranquil Malaysian Weekend Escapes

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In dire need of a holiday after a long and tiring month at work but don’t want to break the bank? #TeamFEMALE reveals three of their top holiday spots right here in Malaysia that they found via Traveloka!

1. Jerangkang Waterfalls

“I can’t get enough of waterfalls and this explains why every holiday, I make it a point to visit one. The Jerangkang Waterfalls in Maran, Kuantan, is on top of my list.

There are multiple waterfalls in this place that sit along a massive canyon and a few pools between these waterfalls that are made from the water that falls straight from the hills. It’s an amazing sight and there’s no better spot to have a picnic with your family or friends than here especially with the soothing sound of water that will calm you down instantly.” – Rachel, Special Projects Writer

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