Team FEMALE’s Digital Detox Diary: Yoga In The Wild With Under Armour

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Day 2

Although I didn’t sleep well the night before thanks to the fever, I feel well enough to attend the first morning yoga session and breakfast. I’m glad I didn’t miss it, because the sunrise looks beautiful enough to heal all ills! The sun rises slowly and turns the sky and the mouth of the river into a single shimmering, beautiful thing.

As we move through our yoga poses with the sun gently warming us and the birds calling overhead, I can feel my body reconnecting with both itself and nature.

Looking more stressed than I should.

Sweaty, warm, and pleasantly tired, we indulge in some fresh juices and snap a few commemorative photos together.

Unfortunately it quickly goes downhill from there. After the sweat and endorphins from the yoga wear off, the throat infection hits me like a truck. I don’t even have the energy to hold up the book I brought, so I give into the temptation of just scrolling aimlessly through my phone.

It’s funny how easy and tempting it is to just waste time on social media when you’re drained of energy, opting to read things you don’t even care about, to refresh for more updates you didn’t even want or need to know. There’s an endless stream of Facebook updates, Instagram Story after Instagram Story, the bizarre vortex of the Explore page, and Reddit threads to keep me occupied with almost no effort. I realise I fall into this pattern as well when I’m worn out from a day of work at home.

Hours pass like that. No matter how beautiful the resort is and how luxurious my room is, it’s miserable feeling ill so far away from home, and I pull out my Switch to try to cheer myself up. I skip the evening yoga session because I still can’t get out of bed, much less get through a one-hour strength-focused yoga session (which my fellow attendees tell me after was really challenging) with Hendri Take. I feel even more miserable– I was looking forward to that!

Just before I have dinner delivered to my room, I cough up bits of blood. Sorry digital-free retreat, but I need my phone to Google symptoms immediately! I decide I should probably go to the clinic, which is a 20 minute drive away. I’m glad for the jacket I picked up from Under Armour, because I’m also shivering and cold despite the beautiful, balmy Sarawakian weather. Once again I turn to my phone to distract myself from the discomfort and anxiety. I return with antibiotics, painkillers, and a pretty used-up phone battery.

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