Team FEMALE’s Digital Detox Diary: Yoga In The Wild With Under Armour

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As FEMALE’s digital team, we’re never away from our computers or phones for long. And as technology makes it easier to blur the line between work and leisure, it’s not the healthiest way to live. With that in mind, we headed off to different parts of the country for a detox to escape our digital lives!

Going on a digital-free detox has been something I’ve wanted to experiment with for a while now. While smartphones and super-fast mobile internet have barely been around for a decade, it’s already difficult for me to imagine a life without social media and digital screens. Part of this is personal (I’ve always loved technology and most of my hobbies require interaction with a screen) and the other part is professional: as FEMALE’s Senior Web Writer, I really don’t get a day away from the digital life.

So when Under Armour asked if I wanted to join them for their Yoga In The Wild retreat in Sarawak, I figured it was the perfect chance to get away from the digital world for a few days! This means no Internet, no social media, no laptops, no TV, or video games– just me, my mind, and yoga. What could go wrong, right? Here’s how it went!

Day 1

I make a deal with myself: I’m allowed electronics while commuting (so I don’t perish from boredom as I wait for my flight) but I’ll put them away once I reach the retreat. I catch the train to the airport before my 11 am flight. After an almost two-hour flight, we land in Kuching International Airport and embark on a one-hour drive to Cove 55, an ethnic-inspired hideaway at the naturally untainted foot of Mount Santubong that makes the perfect location for this bodily and spiritual retreat.  I’ve gotten in a solid few hours of gaming on my Nintendo Switch by then, so I’m happy to retire the device for the start of my digital-free escape!

Cove 55

The resort, with a gorgeous view of Mount Santubong!

The resort certainly helps in that regard: there are no TVs in the rooms and the WiFi connection is basically non-existent. I send off a few texts to let my fiancé and family know I’ve arrived safely, and promptly collapse in bed for a nap.

When I wake up an hour later, I’m totally refreshed for my first yoga session with Denise Keller (who is every bit as lovely and helpful as she is beautiful– look out for the interview in October!). Because of the storm, we sadly have to move our session indoors. Still, Denise’s yoga style is calming and peaceful, and feels amazing after half a day of travelling. I use my phone just to record our interview, which feels more like a long chat.

Yoga in the resort cafe!

I think I had too much fun chatting with Denise because my throat begins to feel strained and raw. By the time I finish showering, a fever seems to have kicked in along with a not insubstantial amount of pain. At least I’m doing better on the digital-free front– I read a book throughout dinner, call my fiancé, and fall asleep.

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