Quiz: Which Futuristic City Should You Visit Next?

There’s plenty of reason to want to visit a city, including how futuristic it is!



Photo: Unsplash

Vibrant and creative are the words that come to mind when we think of this city by the bay – it is home to the famed Silicon Valley, America’s technological hub, after all. Glistening skyscrapers and gorgeous skyline aside, this tech-rich city is making small steps to transform. For example, later this year, it will be replacing its old Parisian-style green public toilets with new spaceship-like pods called Ameni Trees which will be equipped with a water-recycling system that can collect rain for different uses.

Must-visit: Amazon Go’s cashier-less convenience stores. Reason? Well, you just know you want to.


Dubbed the smartest city in the world, Songdo International Business District was built and designed from scratch on a reclaimed land near the Yellow Sea off Incheon. The US$40 billion (about RM167 billion) city might only finish its development in 2020, but for now, the district is already filled with buildings that are LEED-certified and a central garbage disposal system where waste from offices and homes are ‘sucked’ out via underground tubes to be processed and reused as sources of energy for the community.

Must-visit: Songdo Central Park. Inspired by the one in New York, this park that uses indigenous plants was a filming location for PSY’s international hit Gangnam Style and is generally a nice place for a stroll.


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This Finnish capital is known for many things: the world’s first three-dimensional zoning plan that extends underground, data transparency between the government and residents, mobility innovation, apps that help the blind navigate and free Wi-Fi zones across the entire city.

Must-visit: Oodi. Opened in December 2018, this is Helsinki’s new central library that can be found in the Töölönlahti neighbourhood. Go for the robot librarians but stay for the cutting-edge facilities like studios for music and video production, cinema and workshops containing 3D printers and laser cutters that are all free of charge for the public to use.


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Curitiba might be the eighth most populous city in Brazil, but it’s also the planet’s most sustainable one with over 52 square metres of green space per capita (the city won the Global Sustainable City Award back in 2010)! Frequently praised for its highly-livable conditions, this capital of the Paraná province is also famous for pioneering the Bus Rapid Transport (BRT).

Must-visit: The Botanical Garden of Curitiba. Nothing beats a stroll around the French Garden, a picnic by the ponds or visiting the photogenic Greenhouse Conservatory made of iron and glass on a sunny day!

From the print edition. Original text by Tammy Chan.