The Pretty New Malaysian Passport And 5 Other Beautiful Passports From Around The World

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If you think the Malaysian passport is not on par with your aesthetic, think again. It was revealed today that our passport now comes with a new design and security upgrade!

The inside cover is designed with a beautiful songket motif  with a gold weave detail while the inside of the back cover has two blooming hibiscus flowers

Meanwhile, the inside pages feature batik prints with blue, red and orange hues. Each page has an iconic Malaysian landmark like the Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur Tower, Istana Negara and Mount Kinabalu.

The redesigned Malaysian passport is aligned with the nation’s Rukunegara, according to Immigration Department director-general Datuk Seri Mustafar Ali.

“The Rukunegara principles are evident in the images chosen: a mosque (belief in God); Istana Negara (loyalty to King and country); Parliament (the supremacy of the Constitution); the Federal Court (the rule of law); and the National Museum showing our heritage and culture (courtesy and morality),” he told mStar Online.

He also mentioned that the travel document, which rolled out last November 15, is one of the most beautiful passports in the world.

Besides the fancy makeover, the security features were also upgraded starting with an embedded chip in the polycarbonate personal particulars page which was formerly placed in the back cover.

“Every page of the passport also has an added security feature. Verification of the passport’s authenticity cannot be done with the naked eye and is only done with ultraviolet light,” said Datuk Seri Mustafar.

This will make it harder for evildoers to forge the passport. It also makes data reading way easier.

The old passport design is still valid but those who’ll have to renew can get the pretty new version!

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