4 Reasons Why This New Resort In Malaysia Is The Perfect Mini-Moon Destination

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3. One word: RELAX

Inspired by the traditional Balinese therapy, Senses Spa uses a holistic approach to take on the well-being of mind, physical and spirits.

If there’s one thing a newly married couple deserve, it’s a spa day filled with pampering from head to toe. But what made my experience most enjoyable was the heart-shaped bathtub. Normal tubs are cool, but have you actually seen a heart-shaped one in real life?

I love love, so to me, nothing could be more romantic than a couples spa with your soulmate…complete with a heart-shaped tub. Another thing that intrigued me from the start was how the Sensus Spa by Sand & Sandals were located outdoors. The beach provided the loveliest breeze, so the opportunity to refresh in the midst of mother nature was a bonus.

One thing to note: Being outdoors means that there’ll be bugs and insects. Try to ignore them and don’t let them distract you from your moment…like I did.

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