4 Reasons Why This New Resort In Malaysia Is The Perfect Mini-Moon Destination

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Definition of Mini-moon according to Oxford: A short break spent together by a newly married couple, typically in advance of a longer holiday to be taken at a later date.

Photo: The Bride Society

Movies lie.

Especially the part where the main character and her new beau jet-sets off to some romantic location while she’s still in a wedding dress. Not only is it unrealistic, it’s practically impossible in this modern day and age. As someone who is currently a week away from her wedding, I can tell you firsthand how planning a honeymoon right after the wedding is just another thing that’ll kill you.

In between making sure your decorations are on point and arranging the seating charts for your big day, there’s literally no spare time left to organise a full traditional two-week honeymoon (unless you’re willing to pay big bucks for a tour agency to get it all sorted for you). And like me, most of my newlywed friends have also brought up the issue of being stressed out from the extra money a full-blown honeymoon will cost whilst also not wanting to request more time off work after already taking leave just for the wedding.

However, that doesn’t mean you should totally forego your honeymoon. I still believe it’s a sacred ritual every couple should go through after saying “I Do” – even if it doesn’t happen immediately. So consider this: Instead of going somewhere that requires you to travel by air for 14 hours, why not just opt for a place closer to home for the time being? Pick a long weekend right after your nupitals, go off the grid and take that time to enjoy each others company. Not only will a mini-moon save you money and give you the opportunity to relax after all the wedding day stress, it’ll also allow you ample time to properly plan an unforgettable vacation for the future.

That said, I recently had the opportunity to visit a new beach resort tucked right in the corner of southern Malaysia and I can definitely vouch that it’s the perfect getaway for a mini-moon!

The Sand & Sandals Resort and Spa

Located at the heart of Desaru in Johor, Sand & Sandals Desaru Beach Resort & Spa is just a four and a half hours drive away from KL (45 minutes’ drive from Johor Bahru town and 50 minutes’ drive from Senai International Airport)! Can you already imagine how fun of a road trip it is going to be with your other half? A secluded resort that’s surrounded by 22km of uninterrupted beach with panoramic views of the South China Sea, Sand & Sandals offers an ultimate gateway for couples who’re looking to have some alone time.

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