Feeling The Stress Of The City And Need A Little Downtime? This Is The Perfect Spot To Unwind!

You’ll be surprised at what this city has to offer!

I’ve lived in the city all my life so finding time to relax is not always the easiest. While there are a lot of ways to do so, one I think is totally effective (and isn’t too short-lived!) is a vacation that completely resets your mind and gives you a new perspective in life. Located just next to Brunei, northeast of Sarawak, lies the quiet and laid-back town of Miri. But don’t let that fool you; the township is booming with culture, heritage and sights that are waiting to be seen and lucky for me, I got to experience them first-hand! Read on to check out the spots you can’t miss out on when you visit the underrated city.

Marina ParkCity

While Miri was never the first thing that came to mind when I thought of Sarawak, a few days in Marina ParkCity (among other things) has changed that for me. Developed by ParkCity Corporation (who first started with Desa ParkCity!) the township has transformed into an urban and picturesque settlement consisting of four districts – Waterfront, Riverpark, Cityfront and Market – each with its own personality and are within close vicinity of each other. This gives residents and visitors easy and effortless access to traverse around whether it’s from a jog along the park by the sea to grabbing a bite and shopping at Miri Times Square to visiting friends for drinks at Marina Square 1.

Miri Handicraft Centre

Here’s where you can find authentic and local crafts all in one roof! Produced by locals from over 27 ethnic groups, find things like woven baskets, beaded necklaces, pottery and wood-carved work to take home as souvenirs or to simply add to your collection of handmade crafts. If you’re there during the weekend, make sure to catch the performances too!

Tamu Muhibbah

Photography: sarawaktourism.com

If the Miri Handicraft Centre wasn’t enough for you, then head over to the Tamu Muhibbah. Located just opposite the central bus station, this native market is a great spot to explore Miri’s exotic fruits and vegetables, colourful handicrafts and products by Mirians of all backgrounds and regions. Be sure to take home some Sarawak pepper and sample the Bario rice while you’re at it.

Coco Cabana

Coco Cabana, located near the famous Miri Seahorse Lighthouse in Marina Bay, was recently refurbished into a modern seaside entertainment site. It’s now become a great place to catch the sunset and indulge in some authentic Sarawakian food and drink at the Cabana Cafe and Sunset Bar while enjoying the cool seabreeze. Not only that, bazaars and markets, music, art and culture activities, and workshops are often held here so depending on when you’re in town, be sure to head over!

Tusan Beach

Photography: borneotravelnetwork.com

Last but not least, Tusan Beach! Located about 40 km from the city, this white sandy beach is a paradise that’s slowly but surely being discovered. Just 10 minutes away from it is Tusan Cliff where the rocks have formed to look like a horse head drinking the seawater. The beach is also known to attract a type of algae called ‘Dinoflagellates’ that produce glowing blue lights making the water look phenomenal in the night!