5 Magical Castles From The Movies You Can Actually Visit In Real Life

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Ever wished you could be a student in Hogwarts for a day? Or maybe even take a stroll the Beast’s magnificent castle from Beauty And The Beast? Well, you can, because we’ve found all those castles in real life!

What would a fairy tale be without a castle? If the recent bounty of fairy tale blockbusters and fantasy TV has got you hankering for a taste of medieval royalty, you should totally visit the numerous movie set castles across Europe! Here’s a list of popular castles you may know from the movies that you can now visit, courtesy of British Airways.


1. Pembroke Castle, Wales

Pembroke Castle - June 2011.jpg

Photo:  JKMMXOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0

Pembroke Castle served as the backdrop of the 2016 romantic blockbuster ‘Me before You’ and where William told Louisa: “When I was a kid, this used to be my favourite place in the whole world.” Visitors can now relive the moment and stroll along the riverbank, while taking in the glorious view of the castle.

And the majestic castle is more than just a beautiful  movie set, as the birthplace of King Henry VII, it also has a rich history and strong royal connections.

How to get here: Fly to London on British Airways’ special return fares starting from MYR2,974*. Take a bus from London’s Victoria Coach Station to Pembroke Castle.

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