Human Doll Cloning in Japan

If you’ve always wanted to be cloned, then a factory in Japan can offer you that chance – but only into a lookalike doll.

Unless you acted as Hermione Granger or Edward Cullen, chances are you’re not going to get a figurine or doll that looks somewhat like you. Well, that was before the opening of Clone Factory in Akihabara, Japan.


Don’t worry, they’re not really going to make clones of you a la some sci-fi movie. But with a combination of SLR’s, 3D rendering and plaster moulds, they can make a clone of you in a miniature toy version for a fee of $1,300!



Popular anime blogger and entrepreneur, Danny Choo, who is based in Japan, decided to take a look and got a doll version of himself while he was at it.




On one hand, having a figurine of yourself does seem pretty cool, but on the other, they can look a little creepy!



What do you think? Would you want a doll of yourself like that? Leave a comment below or take the poll to let us know!

Photos & Source: So Bad So Good


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