Here’s How You Can Stay In Barbie’s Iconic Malibu Dreamhouse

Always wanted to live the Barbie dream? You might be able to do so now!

Barbie is perhaps one of the most iconic dolls loved by every young girl. Apart from her long, silky blonde hair and extensive wardrobe collection, she’s also well-known for having a lavish, dream house we all wished we could own one day. Thanks to Airbnb, this wish is about to come true!

Later this month, Barbie will be handing over the keys to her Malibu Dreamhouse to a lucky fan for an ultimate stay. Located in the heart of Malibu and overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the fabulous life-size Dreamhouse will be available to book through Airbnb on October 23 at 11am PDT (2am Malaysia time) by one guest and up to three friends for a two-night stay. The one-time reservation will take place from Sunday, October 27 to Tuesday, October 29.

With panoramic ocean views and beachy, glamorous decor, the home is a larger-than-life recreation of Barbie’s signature style and hospitality. Whether it’s the hobby room, personal cinema zone, infinity pool or outdoor meditation zone, every corner of the house reflects Barbie’s lifetime as a role model to young women across the globe. In case you’re worried about the cost of renting this luxurious dream house, the two-night stay is only priced at USD60 (approx. RM251) a night including taxes and fees to commemorate the Barbie brand’s 60th anniversary.

Apart from living the dream life, lucky guest can also anticipate a series of exciting activities with some of Barbie’s most accomplished and entrepreneurial friends lined up exclusively for them. Ibtihaj Muhammad, world-class fencing champion and inspirational role model (who even has her own Barbie Shero doll!) will give guests one-on-one fencing lessons, while pilot and aerospace engineer Jill Meyers will take them on a behind-the-scenes tour of Columbia Memorial Space Center to encourage them to aim for the stars.

Besides the outdoor activities, guests can count on a rest and relaxing time back in the dream house as hairstylist to the stars and girl boss Jen Atkin will stop by for makeovers with her Mane Addicts Creator Collective. And for a true taste of the farm-fresh and flavourful food native to California, renowned local chef Gina Clarke-Helm will be providing a cooking lesson in Barbie’s spacious kitchen.

To celebrate this unique offering, Airbnb will also make a donation to the Barbie Dream Gap Project GoFundMe initiative which aims to help level the playing field for young women so that they can follow their dreams.

This unique and one-time booking opportunity is not a contest. Visit the Airbnb Barbie website for more information on how you can score this once-in-a-lifetime stay.